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Monday 16th July 2018

6000 (6120) head = 3600 (3920) lambs + 2400(2200) sheep

 NB. Numbers/prices in brackets are figures from our last sale

Icy start but plenty of heat in market

Tamworth may have experienced one of the coldest run of mornings for some time but there was plenty of heat in the lamb market with prices continuing to rise in line with record prices in southern NSW and the MLA reporting dearer trends across the board.

At least nine vendors made over $200 today, including Stratharlie Pastoral Co whose lambs (pictured top left) made $242 through G&C to top the market.

Lambs - 200 CLUB

Other sales over $200 in the lambs included: 50-54 kg lambs (pictured 2nd from top) off the grain sold by LMK on account Rafferty made $232; the best of the DCM lambs (pictured bottom left) made $228 for 57+kg lambs sold on account Wiseman;  Cameron lambs sold through DCM topped at $225; shorn lambs sold by PPA on account Wellar made $214; lambs sold by DCM on account McDonald topped at $212; 60+kg grain assisted lambs sold by PPA on account Haling made $206; Mutton Partnership made $205 for their lambs sold through G&C; and Kevin Aitken made it over the line with the last of his lambs making $200 through RWL.

Lamb wrap

Lambs sold to $242 ($240 last sale) and hoggets sold to $150 ($190 last sale).  


Sales over $200 in the sheep were: heavy mutton sold by G&C on account Clive Rock made $208.

 Other good results included:  heavy ewes sold by B&S on account Bede Burke made $195; thumping big 100+kg Dohne ewes sold by RWL on account Peter and Diana Hubbard made $190; and ewes sold by Pitt on account Branga Plains made $191.

Sheep wrap

Ewes sold to $195 ($200 last sale); wethers sold to $208 ($204 last sale); and rams sold to $90 (no quote).

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Monday 5th June 2017

Prime lambs hit a new high with a pen of July drop, February shorn lambs making $231, smashing a record price of $220 that was set just weeks ago.   

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