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Monday 19th March, 2018

Total yarding = 4120(3460)

Note: Figures in brackets are numbers/prices from our last sale

TRLX record tumbles - and chopper pockets $2000

We thought last week was big but that record yarding was smashed today with just over 4100 cattle knocked down at TRLX, the biggest number since the facility opened in June 2013. Big numbers of young cattle and cows contributed to a mainly cheaper market but with quality cattle still made good money.  With no rain in sight, plenty of weaners on the ground, and cooler temperatures (apparently) not too far away, numbers are expected to remain high over coming weeks.  The Westpac Rescue Helicopter also benefited from the generosity of Giri Partnership who donated over $2000 from the sale of an Angus bull through B&S to the Service.


Vealer steers sold to 348c/kg (347c/kg), yearlings to 304c/kg (313c/kg) and grown steers to 270c/kg (290c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Angus weaner steers sold by RWL on account Wy-Wurrie made 348c/kg and averaged 266kg/$966;
  • Steers sold by G&C on account DH & BA George made 302c/kg and averaged 347kg/$1047;
  • Angus vealer steers sold by CP on account RH Haydon & Co made 311c/kg and averaged 370kg/$1152;
  • Steers sold by G&C on account B & WA Hodgson made 300c/kg and averaged 454kg/$1364;
  • Angus steers sold by CP on account KG & RE Haskins made 304c/kg and averaged 458kg/$1392;
  • Angus yearling steers sold by IML on account MA & J Makeham made310c/kg and averaged 472kg/$1463;
  • Hereford steers (pictured top left) sold by CP on account John Thompson made 280c/kg and averaged 537kg/$1487;
  • Hereford steers sold by PPA on account BJ & JH Edmonds sold from 290-295c/kg with the top pen making 292c/kg and averaging 520kg/$1519.
  • Angus steers sold by DCM on account Colin Taylor made 296c/kg and averaged 515kg/$1526;
  • Angus steers (pictured below left, back pen) sold by LMK on account Cobrabald Pastoral Co made 258c/kg and averaged 613kg/$1581;
  • Angus x steers sold by Pitt on account GM Wall made 285c/kg and averaged 562kg/$1600;
  • Hereford steers sold by Pitt on account H & J Mansfield made 262c/kg and averaged 626kg/$1640; and
  • Angus milk and 2 tooth steers (pictured left) sold by B&S on account Jim and Joan Smith made 267c/kg and averaged 673kg/$1800.


Vealer heifers sold to 300c/kg (314c/kg), yearlings to 277c/kg (294c/kg) and grown heifers to 264c/kg (275c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Vealer heifers sold by G&C on account DG, GM and R Warden made 295c/kg and averaged 303kg/$893;
  • Weaned Angus heifers sold by DCM on account RS & DM Hobden made 285c/kg and averaged 336kg/$956;
  • Angus and Angus x heifers sold by B&S on account Scott Baker sold from 260c/kg-269c/kg and topped at 351kg/$973;
  • Angus x heifers sold by PPA on account JG & CL Farrar made 263c/kg and averaged 479kg/$1247;
  • Angus yearling heifers sold by CP on account MacSwan Pty Ltd made 273c/kg and averaged 472kg/$1290;
  • Angus heifers sold by LMK on account S & H Cook made 279c/kg and averaged 470kg/$1312; and
  • Hereford x heifers sold by DCM on account DF Rixon made 242c/kg and averaged 624kg/$1510.


Cows topped at 218c/kg (239c/kg) for Hereford Angus cows sold by CP on account NT & E Higgins. They came back at 708kg and $1544. Top $/head was $1729 for Angus cows sold by B&S on account Ian Newcombe. They made 206c/kg and averaged 839kg/$1729.


Bulls topped at 239c/kg (249c/kg) for 600+ kg bulls with a top price of $2635 for a 1135kg bull sold by CP.

Note: Photos in the written report may differ from those in the website report. All other information is the same.

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