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Late additions - updated 22nd March

Mixed sex

A/c Grant Family Pastoral Co, Tamworth (LMK)

40 Angus steers

75 Angus heifers

Vendor bred, 7-9 months, by Booragul Angus bulls, fresh condition, very good quality, weaned for 2 weeks.

A/c J & E Boydell, Attunga (LMK)

20 Angus x Santa steers

20 Angus x Santa heifers

Vendor bred, 7-9 months, well grown, good quality.

A/c B & K Green, Bingara (LMK)

15 Angus/Angus x Santa steers

15 Angus/Angus x Santa heifers

Vendor bred, 7 -9 months, very good quality, weaned


A/c B & K Green, Bingara (LMK)  

20 x 20 cows and calves, Angus/Angus x Santa cows, 3rd CAF by Booroomooka Angus bulls.


A/cB & K Green, Bingara (LMK)

30 Angus/Angus x Santa cows, 3rd calvers, PTIC to Booroomokka Angus bulls.

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Early advertising

Virbac Weaner Challenge

A/c Retaru Pty Ltd, “Klori” Manilla (IML)

400 top quality weaners comprising:

300 m/s Charolais x Angus and Charolais x black baldy weaners.  By Minnie Vale bulls from Twynan blood cows  

100 m/s Angus weaners by NEAB stud bulls from Dulverton blood cows.

A/c M & T Gooch, “Jimarie”, Wallabadah (G&C)

150 Angus and Angus x m/sex weaners, excellent quality, quiet and easily handled. Presenting in forward store condition. 

A/c SM & KG Cassidy, Kingstown (G&C)

30 m/s Angus weaners, quiet, well handled, by Matoni stud Angus bulls. Presenting in forward store condition.

A/c Lotus Grazing, Barraba (G&C)

40 Angus and Angus x m/s weaners, Dulverton and DSK blood, 6-8 months. Fresh, forward store condition.

STAGE 1 – “Enfield North” Herd Dispersal

At completion of weaner sale

200 Angus x Limousin and Black baldy x Limousin cows, PTIC to Junction stud Limo bulls to commence calving

8/5/2018 for 8 weeks.

65 Angus x Limousin cows, 2013 drop.

105 Angus x Limo cows, 2011 and 2012 drop

30 Angus/Hereford x Limo cows, 2011,2012 and 2013 DROP.

Outstanding young breeder, drenched, top condition.         

Top prices for TRLX

Graham Crane, "Kibah Downs" Loomberah with his Hereford cows and calves that made $3050 at the store sale on 24th June 2016. Sold by DCM, this is the top price for cows & calves sold through TRLX since opening in June 2013.


Our 7th annual WRHS Tag A Calf sale will be on Friday 4th May 2018

Donating to the WRHS couldn't be easier. Simply  mark WRHS on your ear tag and let your agent know if you wouldlike to donate all or part proceeds from the sale. 

All donations are tax deductible.